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• 7/7/2018

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• 4/22/2017

Day 39: The Winner Is revealed!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the both of you for outlasting 14 other contestants and making it to day 39. However, there can only be one winner. The Jury as we know decided who won this game, so let's introduce the jury as their real selves:

Aidan from Survivor:Honduras!Panchetor from Survivor:CapetownMalik from Survivor:Iceland and LondonWendy from Survivor:KoreaElla from Survivor Iceland and LondonAmanda from Survivor:HondurasJake from Survivor:HondurasRJ from Survivor:Isla De Pascua
But, without further ado, lets get on with the results. Remember, you want to see your name written down tonight!
First Vote

Second Vote
Third Vote
Fourth Vote
Thats 2 votes wilfred, 2 votes jade
Fifth Vote
Sixth Vote
The Winner of Survivor: India is.........

Wilfred, Congratulations! You were able to outwit, out play and outlast the other 15 castaways and become the 19th winner of Survivor Malakal
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• 4/21/2017

Jake's Jury Speech (aka Phoenix)

Hi guys! Congrats on making day 39, FTC, final 2, that's an amazing achievement!
For me you have a squeaky clean game Wil. You were in Ponderosa through the peak of the merge, and so you don't really have anyones blood on your hands. You were amazing in challenges upon your return, and you were very active and willing to work with me, which was awesome because I remember when we stuck together in the tribe swap and it was good to have a fresh face. At first when you returned I really wanted to vote your ass off and just continue on with the rightful final 4, but you were there, and you spoke, and I kind of had to work with you anyway lol, but thank you for being active and being you.
My question for you is why should I NOT vote for you?
Jade Jade Jade my number 1 ally. I was so excited when we finally met at merge and I quickly discovered who you were due to your typing and vice versa. Not only were we aligned last season in Honduras but the season never finished so I was super excited to finish this season with you and get a little bit of redemption. We had a final 3 deal with Leo, and then a final 2 deal between ourselves but hey, it's clear we both would have taken Leo to the finals. I was not really pissed when you flipped in the final 4, kind of just saddened. I loved playing with you, and I wanted to get to that final 3 you but unfortunately it just didn't happen.
My one question for you is if Leo didn't have his tie breaking power, how would you have navigated that final 4 vote?
Guys I'm so tied up right now as who to vote for, so any questions for me or rebuttals of my speech please let me know, I'm open and willing :)
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• 4/21/2017

Leo's Jury Speech! :P

Hi. First, I would like to thank the hosts for having me. I admit, I have been a little bit hard with you, but know that it wasn't anything personal. I just thought I'd address the things I thought is unfair and unjust. It might just be me, but I am in awe that you took it in with genuine, listening ears - taking it like a professional. Again, thank you very much. I enjoyed my stay in India. I wouldn't be called son of Hephaestus if I couldn't endure a hot weather, being the son of the fire god himself. LOL this is getting way out of topic.
Next, I apologize for not having Braydan's ability to make his speech much more elegant to read. I took up a whole course of Website Designing and yet I forgot the codes. LOL.
Before I start of with the finalists, I would like to express my sincerest apologies to everyone who I might have offended all throughout the game. I always invest emotions in the games I played, and that is what's driving me to sometimes be off hand. BUT, know that it is not in any way personal. I am hoping to reconcile and reconnect with everyone, those of whom I offended or not, and hope that my flaws would be forgiven. Hey, I'm not perfect, I make mistakes, too. A jerk? Sometimes. So I apologize.
Now, back to the main event.
Congratulations Jade and Wilfred for reaching this far. Clearly, whether we admit it or not, you outplayed everyone of us sitting here in the jury section, and those who went home pre-merge. You both played differently, and it all paid off.
We have been together since day 1. We have been constantly talking about normal stuffs - life as it is, books, fast food chains, and other things that is both weird and fun. If anything, we both made a great duo.
I may have to disagree with what you said. You did not get me to vote with you. I vote based on my own accord, base on what I think will be best for my game. Yes, you suggested names to me, but Phoenix did, too. I pondered on every vote, thinking that if I vote otherwise it would just hurt my game. And so, I voted who I think will benefit me in the long run, and it shows that who you and Phoenix are voting is highly beneficial to me as I've reached Final 3.
Thus, congratulations for making it in the final 2, and good luck.
At the start of the game, we got along well, talking about books and other fictional characters. But, when we started on opposing tribes, things fell apart as quickly as Melissa McNulty from Survivor Fiji backed out.
I was shocked when Dank brought you back in the game, and all that's been nagging in my brain was you don't deserve to be here. You were just carried here by an advantage, didn't really worked your ass off half of the merge as you were already voted out. 
You proved me, us, wrong. You won the three crucial immunity challenges. I am quite disappointed on myself for not winning FIC. I was so close, yet I was so far. If only I have scored 30% on that fucking puzzle, it would have been me there and not you, to be quite frank.
Thus, I gained a whole lot of respect for you and I take back what I said about you not deserving this spot, cause clearly, you do. Good luck.
Now for my questions:
Typical question.
1. If you were to be a disney character, who would you be and why?
2. What song best represents your gameplay?
3. Tell me a joke
4. Why is it that a bike can't stand on its own?
5. Who in the jury do you think has the best shot in winning this game had he/she been sitting in the finale?
6. Do you want to build a snowman?
7. Do you believe in life after life?
8. If a cockroach lands on a soap; would the soap be dirty or would the cockroach be clean?
9. Would you rather have an extra finger, or less one?
10. Do you think you have a shot at winning this game?
I would love for you to rank us, but Braydan beat me to it. And, looking at it, I think they already covered the survivor related questions I wish for you to answer, so with that,
Good luck, Final 2. And may the odds be ever in your favor. <3
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• 4/21/2017

Braydan's Jury Speech

Hi Guys!
Now, I'm sure a few of us didn't think you two would be the two to be here at the end! And I kind of feel robbed of my placement, FTC. However, I will give a short statment on you both and maybe your games, and also ask short questions to help me either better understand your games, or to get answers. Either way Congrats to you two being at the end <3


I NEEEEEEVER expected to see you here at FTC, but you're here. You made it. You fought through tooth and nail to get here. You didn't have an easy road, and you fought your way through to merge, got voted out, returned and fought to the end. You basically had the underdog story, and I love underdogs. However, I wished you had (like you said in your speech), talked to me more. Like we kinda talked in pre-merge, but not as much as I hoped. Yeah I was bad at keeping up conversation was well (Playing and hosting a couple of games doesn't leave you much room to stay on the alias account), and I apologize for that. I wish I was more active going into it because I'm not the type to even be inactive but it happened. I wished we talked in the merge because I kinda considered working with you, but it's cool. My questions to you are:

If you could've had someone else sitting with you at final 2, who would it be and why? Do you think you could win against them?
Rank all jury members and Jade as your personal faves to least faves, strategic to least, and most to least social and why?
What do you think was your one mistake that ended up sending you home the first time, and how did you fix it to go all the way to the end?


You, you honey. Ok. So we did talk in post-swap, we did. I already knew who you were because someone helped me understand how they could guess it, but I was actually down to work with you. I thought Me-You and whoever else we got close to (Ashley) could've been a trio for us. Sadly at the merge, It didn't seem like we talked that much anymore at first, and idk why I feel a certain way that I've been rarely mentioned by you and it makes me feel like you barely acknowledged my presence in the game. Now after the Wilfred vote, I don't exactly remember but I think you asked me if I was fine voting out Maribelle, which I'm sure I eventually said I wouldn't want to due to feeling close to her, so then you proceeded to randomly target Duscan, because he apparently told something to Maribelle, when it was actually me who told her. Duncan didn't know about it, I told her because I didn't want her blindsided by whatever was going on, so I told her, not Duncan. And then you claimed you wanted to work with me, but you voted me out. Why not vote Vanessa? Unless you were too close to her. Like legit Phoenix told me within the ten minutes before it was revealed, and I don't remember you saying a word about it. You snaked people, barely did anything but sit there like you were a queen of some sorts, throwing names and trying to find people to hide under. You didn't play bold, you played more subtle and too safe I feel. My questions to you are:

If you could've turned me against Maribelle, would you have been serious about working with me? How far would I have gone in your plans?
Rank all jury members and Wilfred as your personal faves to least faves, strategic to least, and most to least social and why?
Do you think you could've done anything different that could've helped your game, or do you think it's perfect as it is. Is there anyone you wished you could've spoken to more?

I'm just going to sit here, laugh and gossip with the queen now. Thanks for listening to me ramble on about your games and such. I'm glad I got to do this for a second time in this org.

Also, thanks to the host for bringing me back for a third time. I didn't expect to return at all, but I'm kinda glad I did. This is the best placement I have received yet here. Good luck finalists. <3

(Sorry I just saw that gif and liked it LMAO *Obviously because I am a male*)
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• 4/21/2017

Duncan's Jury Speech

Hi Guys! Congrats of make it to the end. You guys did what other 14 didn't, make it to the end, make the final 2, make day 39. But, do you deserve to be here? Or you don't? It was just luck?.
I'll start with you Wilfred
Congrats Man! You played a great game and you'll be a great winner of Malakal. You really deserve to win this. You outwited, outplayed, outlasted. In the premerge we always talked, and you were a good guy, but, let's been honest, i knew that you'd be a huge threat and that's why i voted for you in the first tribal of the merge, because you were a huge threat. I don't have much to say about you because you played Phisicall, Social and Strategic, but i just want to know: 
a) What do you think was your best move?
b) How did you feel after i vote for you in the first tribal?
Jade, Jade, Jade. I'll be honest, at the beggining i was sure that you would be a good winner. After reading your speaches, i don't know. I won't say you play a horrible game, i mean, i won't do it, but i respect the way that you "played" the game, i think that, except that there is something called Russel Hanzt aka the worst player ever of Survivor, nobody plays a horrible game. But you lied in your speech a lot. So Jade, i want you to
A)Tell me why you deserve my vote, tell me everything that you have been doing since day 1. Everything, Strategic, Social and Phisicall
B)Why Wilfred doesn't deserve to win?
Also, Both of you, Wilfred and Jade, i want you to awnser this easy questions.
1-Compare you and the jury as a real survivor player.
2-Tell me why Russel Hantz is the worst player ever of Survivor
3-Tell me why Sandra-Diaz Twine aka the queen is the best player ever of Survivor
Well, that's all. Good Luck!
And Adiós, perras!
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• 4/21/2017

Dank's Speech

Congrats Jade and Wilfred on making final 2!

Wilfred I respect how much of a beast you are in challenges. You and I were a big part of why our OG tribe never went to tribal (Jade, jury management love, in your speech you said I was no threat in challenges) I actually am a challenge threat Maribelle was just more of a beast than me once we got to late merge. Also, you strategized me and you and Duncan were my closest allies coming into the merge. Seeing as how Duncan immediately bussed me to Mari come merge that left you as the one person I trusted and you didn't betray that when we went to vote. That was why when Mari gave me the legacy and I had to choose someone to bring back I chose you. I am sad to hear you knew I was immediately going and didn't tell me or work harder to try to make someone else the target. Perhaps I should have brought someone more inactive like Ashley back in seeing as how I took second in that challenge. But that was my poor game choice. Your game shined most in the  physical in my opinion. I do have a hard time looking past the fact that you were absent for a majority of the merge portion of the game.

Jade, you did a lot in this game socially and strategically. Even though you were not a come beast, you were a controller of votes. I completely disagree that you were just a number or a goat. I perhaps have a perspective on that others did not as I knew I was on the bottom whether I went with either alliance. From my POV Mari was controlling one side and you were controlling the other. I thought about bringing you up as the vote since I felt you were a threat to make the end but I knew Leo and Phoenix were closer to you and would not go for it. That was your social game play coming in. I do believe if not for Leo's advantage Mari would likely have won this game so there was a bit of luck in that but also strategy and social skills that you were able to make him feel safe and get him to use it in our favor. You were never inactive and you did put your heart into the game and I love to see that.

My question to you both- do you agree with which aspects I have assigned as your biggest strengths? Wilfred physical and Jade strategic and social.

Good luck to you both! Jury- I implore you to look past any feelings of bitterness about your own demises in the game and ask who played the best game from what you value about the game of survivor.  Who outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted better than the other? It was an honor playing with you all.
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• 4/19/2017

Maribelle's Jury Speech

The queen has arrived, even though I'm not a winner or two-time winner I have been voted out every season because of running the show in my own. That makes me the queen and as many of you said, I played the best game out of here. I'm cocky, because I have a reason to be cocky. Enough about me, we're here for you two today. My vote is at this point pretty made up but this speech will help myself by sharing all my thoughts and feelings with you two, mostly about one of you.

Let's start with Wilfred, you don't wanna know how proud I am of you. This season you started strong, you made alliances and you won challenges for your tribe. At the swap, you were super social and we actually bonded a lot. But at the merge, you were seen as the biggest threat and I made sure you would go home. You fought hard, you got people to vote with you and you almost survived. That was amazing. You got brought back by Dank Girl, you wouldn't have been chosen if you had no impact on her. You had done something which made her wanting you back in the game. Social game, masterminded. You knew what you had to do, you took advantage of the situation and won immunity. Some of the jurors think that winning immunity isn't a strategy but they don't know winning immunity isn't just luck. You fought, worked and did everything to win immunity. You voted out the right people. You had no blood on your hands since you were the underdog and you were a threat at the moment you were back in the game. They can say what they want but you did play a PHENOMENAL physical game. You slayed the challenges and you took the right person with you to the end. You couldn't make a better choice because you know what's good for YOUR game. Honestly, I don't see anything bad about your gameplay. You earned your way in the F2. You slayed this game. And you need to win it.

Let's continue with Jade, because girl you just f*cked up. You know how much you lied during this game but also in your speech? You have attacked me personally in this game, you tried to drag me down in a personal way and that's something you should NOT be rewarded for.

I don't forgive or forget the fact you personally attacked me time after time and kept saying it was gamewise, but once I attacked you it was immediately personal in your eyes. You played the victim and you have used so many ugly words to fight me. But alright, let's start at the beginning. We started being pretty close at the begin, I trusted you and we had this big alliance. I got added by Enoch as last and I knew I was on the bottom of that alliance. I am not stupid, Jade. So I talked more with everyone individually, got close with Kelsey and Vanessa but us two had always had something bothering that just wouldn't work. At the merge, we were theoretic together because we were still in this alliance but it was you who decided to try to backstab me and the entire alliance and go against me because I was suddenly the biggest threat. You called my allies the 'Mari Cult' and you pissed off so many people with your jealous attitude. Were you angry that I treated people as allies and not as numbers?

You fought me several times because I called you out IN GAME on your nasty actions. You tried to vote me out, you talked shit about me and the worst part about the situation; you blocked me. WHY THE HELL would you block someone who is playing a game with you. I mean, we fought and we had arguments but that is no reason to block me. I never insulted you personally, I fucking never did that. Unless you started by making personal insults towards me. You can't say I was toxic and stuff because you can't just blame me for everything that happened. You were wrong, don't play the fucking victim because you are super annoying.

Also, your ROP did not make sense at all. First, you could also choose a situation we could hear you better. You don't need to show your face as I wouldn't do it either. But you walking, you were hard to understand. Got to say, you talk better english than you type it. Second, you tell way too many lies. You keep saying I am this bad girl who attacks people and am bitter about everything. Uhm girl, I am only bitter against YOU. Wilfred tried to vote me out at the first merged tribal council. Am I bitter at him? No. Phoenix and Leo refused to vote, resulting me to go home. I rooted for Phoenix to win and Leo and myself are cool outside the game. Dank Girl voted me too, but at ponderosa I have only had good conversations with her. You can't say I'm bitter, toxic or anything else. You did this to yourself, don't blame anyone else for your stupid actions.

You backstabbed everyone in this jury, you stopped talking to the people you were gonna vote off. You even blocked me because you couldn't take the reality you sucked at the jury management of this game. You played a horrible game and everyone who says it isn't is bitter they didn't make FTC. I know I played one hell of a amazing game, I don't care I'm sitting in the jury. I know once Wilfred won, the season had a worthy winner. Aviv/Tara/Winter/Luke/Roxy/Jade, every time we played you gunned for me. As you said, you knew I was Ella from the start of the game. You targeted me for being myself, and that's disgusting. I have 0% respect for you as a player or person. People may say I am way too bitter or aggressive but you did this really to yourself. This is what you get when you fight with me.

So, I have no questions for you two at all. My vote is 98% decided. I will read your answers on other jury questions and if Wilfred somehow fucks up big time, there might be a tiny little chance I vote for Jade but that would be the 7th world miracle. Jade, just some advice for you. Don't dare to answer on this jury speech unless it's something positive. You can defend yourself if you want but say one lie, say one bad thing or insult me once and I'm sending my vote for Wilfred to my confessional thread. I don't care, you already made tons of mistakes, I wouldn't be surprised if you did it here again.

Well bitches, that's what I gotta say for now. I'll be watching you and if one of you say some shit which ain't true I will still call you out on that (mostly Jade bc I know Wilfred won't do that). Stay cool, queen stays queen adios! xo
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• 4/19/2017

Vote for Jade!
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• 4/19/2017

Vote for Wilfred!

Hey guys!
I just want to first of all thank the hosts for running this amazing season, it was a lot of fun to play, and you guys did an amazing job! I'd also like to thank each juror and each prejuror for playing great games and all bringing something very special and unique to this game, it was an excellent game that I greatly enjoyed, and I will be a little sad to see it end, seemingly so soon.
Now, I feel like I have a valid case to receive your jury votes, because I always played hard - I always put my best in, I was always active, always playing, and always ready to shake up the game, through my social, strategic and physical game, and through my active and engaged personality that was always ready to be a part of the game.
In the premerge, I was in a controlling position on my original tribe, and led us (not solely of course! It was a team effort, but a few of us, including me, were more influential in directing the tribe) to a series of immunity wins, but had a group of tight alliances that I could hold onto to survive if we did happen to go to tribal.
After the swap, I was put in danger, being in a tribe where I am in the minority based on the original tribe, but I was socially active, always put my best into the challenges, and managed to survive either way, playing a strong and active game in a season where neither of those things were guarantees, nor could be taken for granted. This speaks to the strongest aspect of my game - I never gave up, I always gave it my all, and I always played with a good strategy, if not always a successful one.
Now, of course, comes the merge, where I get voted out. There's no way around that, but I think the fact that I was #1 target after the merge shows that I always played the game and did my best, and that even though I tried my best to sway people, it took an artifact to switch the majority against me.
But the close social bonds I had made throughout the whole season with many people paid off through the legacy advantage, and I came back at F5. I knew I was at the disadvantage, people had grown so much closer to each other without me, so I had to play my very hardest to reach the end, which I did. Not only through immunity challenges, which I showed my commitment by winning all three, including completing the hellish black puzzle, but also through making alliances and bonds. I promised Phoenix and Jade that we would be the Final Three, and I would've managed to make it happen if not for Leo's tiebreaker item that just came out of nowhere. And my two allies fought, sure, but I made sure that their fights were never so bad as to ruin my gameplan.
Overall, I played the game by putting everything into the challenges, winning three individual immunities, creating genuine social bonds with the people I played with, and always playing strategically - pushing to do my best, and to always take risks. Did all of them pay off? No. But they were calculated risks, so even if they didn't all play off, they still show me as being willing to play the game hard, and play it well.
Thank you to everyone involved with making this game, it was a lot of fun and I am honoured to have reached the Final Two.
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• 4/18/2017

Day 39: Final Tribal Council

Welcome to the Final Tribal Council, Wilfred and Jade.

You guys did what the others could not, last the full 39 days, and now, after voting out the people on the jury, you will need to persuade them to vote your name down to win this game.
Without further ado......
Let's bring out your final jury, Ashley, Duncan, Braydan, Vanessa, Maribelle, DankGirl, Phoenix and Leo who was voted out at the last tribal council.

Here is how tonight is going to work;1. Wilfred and Jade will have 24 hours to write and post their final speech. Deadline 10:20am 19/4/2017 EST2. As soon as they have done that, the jury can start writing their jury speeches and Wilfred and Jade may reply. This has a deadline 48 hours after the first Deadline: 10:20am 21/4/2017 EST.3. After that deadline, the jury will vote for who they want to win, remember, you're writing the winners name down, you will have 24 hours to do so Deadline: 10:20am 22/4/2017 EST4. After that, we will add your real account to the ponderosa chat and create a post with the winner of Survivor:India
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• 4/18/2017

Day 38: Tribal Council

Welcome to tribe council, Navadurga Tribe.

Let's bring out your jury, Ashley, Duncan, Braydan, Vanessa, Maribelle, DankGirl and Phoenix who was voted out at the last tribal council.

Before we get to the vote, we have some questions for you
Wilfred, How does it feel to win Final Immunity?Leo and Jade, How will it feel if you came 1 day short of sitting in final tribal council?
With that, Wilfred, it is time to vote. Please vote using the parchment below.

You have until 3:40am Est 4/19/17 to submit your vote to your confessional chat.
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• 4/16/2017

Day 38: Final Immunity Challenge

We have the results
Winning the final immunity challenge with 20 points is...........

No one yet!!!!!! because we have a tie!! The hosts will decide what the tiebreaker is between Leo and Wilfred!!
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• 4/15/2017

Leo's Right of Passage
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• 4/15/2017
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• 4/15/2017
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• 4/15/2017
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• 4/14/2017

Wilfred's Rites of Passage

Wilfred's Rites of Passage Sorry about the video quality, and I look vaguely like a waterdemon, but enjoy! ^_^
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• 4/13/2017

Wilfred's Hand on a Hard Idol Thread

I am holding onto the idol
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• 4/13/2017

Day 38 Final Immunity Challenge

Wilfred, I will take back immunity.

For the last time immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's challenge is called Malakal Trials. It is a five part challenge that is meant to test your skills. Each section is worth a certain amount of points. The person with the most points wins immunity.

Contents[show]Part 1:Right of Passage
Here's each of you will pay tribute to your fallen castaways as each of them had a hand in getting you here. You can either do a video worth 5 points or a written rop worth 3 points. When you are done post it on a thread that you will created called your name's ROP Thread.

Part 2: Hand on Hard Idol
Each of you will make your own thread called your's name hand on idol thread. For your first post you will say I am holding on to the idol every hour after your first post you will say I am still holding on to the idol. If you post late or early you will no longer be holding on to the idol. First place gets 5 points 2nd place gets 3 3rd place gets 1 points.

Part 3: Lip Sync Challenge
Each of you will make a video of you lipsyncing to F.A.B. by JoJo featuring Remy Ma. You will be judged by three judges on creativity, quality, and your lipsyncing. First place gets 5 points 2nd place gets 3 3rd place gets 1 points.

Part 4: Brain Teaser
Below are brain teasers you must solve. First place gets 5 points 2nd place gets 3 3rd place gets 1 points.

Part 5: Black Puzzle
Its the infamous black puzzle! Its all black has 300 pieces. Did I mention that pieces rotate. Because this is the hardest part it works a little differently you will get 1 point for every 10% you complete.
You have until 11:45 pm EST 4/14 meaning you get two days to do the challenge and submit to your confessional chat.
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