Ashantie Hassaradi
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Capetown

Tribe(s) Ivuba
Placement 16/18
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against  5
Day(s) Lasted  19

Ashantie Hassaradi, also known as "Ashantie", is a contestant from Survivor: Capetown

Ashantie is known for being part of the losing tribe Ivuba. On The Cape she clashed with HLC, but also made the best drawing of Natalie, impressing the other contestants.


Name (Age):

Tribe Designation: Ivuba

Current Residence:

Personal Claim to Fame:

Inspiration in Life:


Pet Peeves:

3 Words to Describe You:

If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?:

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR:

Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR:

Survivor: CapetownEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Ashantie's Voting History
Episode Ashantie's
Voted Against
1 Eva Eva
2 Seamus Seamus
3 Panchetor Panchetor, TBA
4th voted out , Day 9
4 On the Cape
5 On the Cape
6 On the Cape
7 On the Cape



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