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DTopaz, also known as "Topaz" or "Dennis" , is a host from Survivor: Capetown, Survivor: Iceland and Survivor: London.


Name (Age):Topaz/ Dennis (22 years young)

Current Residence: Northampton, UK'

Personal Claim to Fame:Playing in over 30 org's and having a good count of wins.

Inspiration in Life: Marina and the Diamonds!'

Hobbies:Singing, playing the piano, playing online games, watching series, songwriting, and being a hoe 

Pet Peeves:People

3 Words to Describe You:Kooky, funloving, sweet

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:Todd Herzog

Reason for hosting Survivor:Natalie asked me and I want to make Malakal a great org to play in. I felt like I could realize this. I also want to redeem my alsace-lorraine hosting experience, which wasn't too good.

Hosting experience: Realitynet (dutch site) Survivor: the wise man (2012), Survivor 2: Double Trouble (2013), Survivor 3: Heroes vs Villains (2014), Main org: Alsace-Lorraine (2015)  

Survivor: CapetownEdit

Survivor: IcelandEdit

Survivor: LondonEdit


  • Topaz has never played a season on the Malakal org

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