Day 4Edit

There were no confessionals on Day 4

Day 5Edit

so I'm nervous that we have 2 people dealing with stuff outside the game. That's half our tribe not able to partake

–Tyler B

Day 6Edit

My tribe's kinda boring. Shannon's MIA most the time. Glo is actually not online and talkative all that much. Mostly just me an Nathaniel and we understand each other pretty easily so not much to say. Just sittin' around, enjoying the camp fire.


I'm glad Eddie went home, we haven't played together since Korea on main ORG and he's in a way annoying. Ian, however, is a different story. We both played in Persia, and since he's easily sheeped, I plan to get with him, since he's an easy vote. Right now, my main target is Sam, he's sly and untrustworthy. I would like to see a tribe swap, especially on my tribe of 3. Whatever happens, happens


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