Day 1Edit

Yay! It's finally here! Day 1 on the beach... so far our tribe is getting along really well, at least with the day to day stuff, although Purry's hair got a bit singed when Marija got the fire going. I'm happy with the tribe I'm with right now, Alex is someone I've got a bit of history with, so I will be a little careful with him, but not so much that I won't try to work with him. Having Perry and Purry is awesome, but at the same time, I know they are tight already and it will be something to keep an eye on. I don't know Jack, James or Tommy well just yet, but I will spend some time after the reward getting to know them. I'm going to try to play a bit different this time around, not quite so passive, yet not dictating to the group. I'm just sitting back, although I did take the lead with the reward challenge, so if we lose it, I will take full responsibility. So for right now, I think I'm doing well enough, and if I can continue to contribute in the tribe's success and not make waves, the opportunity to move ahead will be presented to me. Apreesh!


Day 2Edit

So, coming into the game I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do much strategizing until farther down the road, but here we are, day two and there's already a five majority here, and the inner circle is already contemplating it's first blindside. I'm still hoping to weed off the weak for now and keep this alliance under wraps, but with a pretty active tribe I wouldn't be surprised if a division is quickly shown. That being said, I think I'm in a solid spot for now here, because i think at least two of my alliance members are genuine and I know I can trust them.


Day 3Edit

Yassss gaga yassss!! I won, I mean, we won the first reward of the season!! Woot woot! We sent Reid to exile because the group feeling is that he doesn't have many allies on the other tribe. If he finds the idol, and uses it at a tribal council, I just hope it doesn't get Jessy or Szymon voted out. I'm looking ahead a little (not the smartest thing, but I'm also not banking on it) and want to get to a point where I can work with them, and along with Alex make some power moves. Tommy is the only one other than Alex at this point to talk game plans with me, so that means the others already have a group of five, or they are just content to sunbathe or draw memes in the sand. I'm going to have to pick up the socializing, but there's just so much work to be done around camp (!).

The immunity challenge right now is proving to be a game sired by Satan; the most frustrating challenge I've ever had to do. Whichever tribe wins immunity will definitely have earned it, and thus far Alex and I are taking up the mantle of the tribe challenge beast, so I am optimistic. We will see what happens. Apreesh!


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