DAY 19Edit

Bye Alex . Congratulations on making it to the merge and taking our asses out . Anyway, despite what happened at the switch, you're a very nice person and I can see how to made it far in other ORG's. You were also extremely smart, you figured out 3/5. I needed to change the vote to make my alliance happy and stay in the game longer sorry


at this point i dont know where people stand....if i take things at face value things should be alright......but this is survivor


These bitches

–Alex L.

10 bucks says the majority of them don't know who Bone Thugs N Harmony are

–Alex L.

I hope I will make the merge.


DAY 20Edit

Since Alex V got voted out

I've started to care a lot less about the game Cause I beat him lmao


I think it's good to focus on something else sometimes during the game. So, we won again and I am most likely going to the merge. FINALLY. I'm so excited and happy and I can't wait to fly my wings open at merge and to enjoy the feast that is finally waiting on me. I got my F6 alliance with Lundi and the F2 alliances with Malik, Yuki, Stephen and Dusk. I hope Chelle goes so I think I have everyone on my side coming into merge.


So it's not the Midnight sun, or the full moon rising..... Ok fun times, 8 more tries going backs hot by hour, see you guys again in 23 hours [idol search]


I wanna play big now. But I don't want to be too dominant. Let's go with the people who can bring me far and make a move when I can. UTR or OTT, both is good in my eyes. I will try to focus more on my social game and my relationship with the people who are going to the jury


There's no need to be sad, I know you guys are all laughing saying "he's not the smartest, how hasn't he figured it out already. Somebody has found it and when Bradley guesses at the right time, we can tell him it's not there and then get him paranoid"



I dont mess with iphones....i refuse to conform


DAY 21Edit

Btw if I go, I love you all


As much as I feel I won the challenge for my tribe and want the credit for it, I believe it is in my best interest to stay low and not seem like too big of a threat. Although, I still feel like if I became a target, my alliance would have my back


This may be by far the toughest vote of my young org life....and i dont forsee one being tougher anywhere ib the future


I'm a bit nervous about this vote, and I feel terrible about putting maliks name down but we have to keep the ugla 4 strong. I really don't know what's gonna happen, if malik has an idol then kudos to him. I just hope this tribal puts our alliance in a good position, I worked so hard to get here, fingers crossed.


And goodbye UTR game. Stephen legit told me 'Malik was in a bad spot, he got swapped back..' uhm, so that means if I work with Ugla me and Vanne are on hte bottom because we swapped as well. Stephen has been throwing me under the bus to Ugla. I am throwing him under the bus to Lundi who are with more people. I like to play like this, it's sooo different than I am used to play. But yeah, looks like I am Ugla's target. And that sucks pretty much. Stephen even told Dusk all information I gave to him. Am I going to be fake nice to them to hear them out or am I going straight against them? With merge coming, I have a few options!


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