EPISODE 10 "Thank You For The Opportunity" (Jino)

DAY 28Edit

HAHAHA. Roasting people as a challenge? Damn, this is challenge is going to be mine. Those people backstabbed me, lied to me, made fun of me. They are dead to me. All of them. They're going to be DRAGGED, SLAYED and ROASTED.


So, Jordan came to me saying that he guessed Charlie and that he was the saboteur. The bitch lied to me about not being the saboteur lol. So Charlie can't be trusted. That's clear, lol. But I kinda want Chelle still out. She has everyone tossed around her finger. It's even scary lol. I know that Andy has his light pearl so here's what I wanna try to do. Alex T and Jino are on the outs so I have to take Jordan and myself to them and create a alliance to get out Chelle. I tell Andy I heard that Jino is throwing his name around which makes Andy paranoid and playing his light pearl on himself. I play the double vote and Chelle should be send home in a 5-4 vote. If I lose immunity, I might just play my idol. But I'm not sure though. I really don't wanna waste it... but it is what it is. I won't be the 4th member of the jury for sure. No-freaking-way.


I'm honestly furious at the tribe, other than Luna. They all feel so safe that they don't even attempt the challenge. I didn't do the challenge because I felt like I was in danger, I did it because I'm in this game. I did it because the hosts didn't put in the effort for the challenge for nobody to do it. If I win, cool. I'm probably in danger anyways. But this irks me so much.


You call that roasting, Chelle? damn, even Jo would've been more original and would actually ROAST someone. I'm crying, and Stephen's roast doesn't even make sense. If this is my competition for this challenge, I don't even have to cry because not even naming them in my post is a better roast than what they have tried already.


DAY 29Edit

Andy is the saboteur LOL. His task was soooooo obvious and now I will have another shot at getting the merge idol if I only survive this round which might be pretty realistic. These people are not even trying. All they do is roasting me (except for Jordan but his roasts are mehh). I don't know why but I see no attacking. Roasts have to be like; OUCH or WOW. And That feeling, I haven't got it so far. I love this challenge though I thought I'd be better at it. Making it into a song is way harder than I expected. And my biggest concern is about the judges. I really hope it won't be rigged because I NEED this one. And honestly, my roasts ain't perfect but they are WAY better than other people their roasts. My fingers are crossed that I win.


Jino and I have had a intense talk about the vote and he says he feels bad and that he is giving up and all. I don't know why but I feel so so so bad. He is really emotional and he told me everyone is voting him. Well, idc, I won't vote Jino. Maybe Jino pops out an idol idk? I will just vote a random bitch like Charlie or Jordan to mess their 0-vote run and make sure they won't get a perfect game. How evil LOL.


So I'm being just nice and cute and adorable to Chelle in the tribe chat and I hope it will make people think that she took control over me and that they finally are going to view her as a threat. Like, right now Jino will go to ponderosa? What a lame shit show, he is easy to drag and y'all want him out. Anyway, I am so nervous for the results. I need to win this one or I might be blindsided. I don't trust Stephen, Andy, Chelle and not even Alex T anymore. Malik and Alex V were my allies and they are on the jury rn. They will see that as a reason to view me as a jury threat. Honestly, I do think I'd get Gregory's vote too if he's calm and not bitter at all. But now, my wish is to being immune for the vote and to see what will happen. And that would mean I won't be the cursed 7th placer (bc if I don't win immunity next, I'll just play my idol). Cuz trust me, once Jino is gone, the target is back on me if it isn't already. But I love it. I'm in a BAD position and if I manage to get on the top, I will slay those bitches and take that title.


I also got some quick strategy talk with Jordan and we're both convinced that Jino has to stay. I'm like so down and I wanna make it work. If Jino stays, the tables are turned and I finally took my sit on the majority side of the tribe. And Jino knows I'm trying and fighting for him to let him stay. If it somehow fails, it means he'll remember me as the girl that tried to save him and fought for him. Might be an extra vote and the end and I'd waste my double vote for it with no doubt.


HAHAHA. I won the challenge and I'm so freaking glad that those fuckers don't have the chance to take me out. But, Jino made his goodbye speech in the public chat and he really wants to go. I don't know, should I let him just be voted out then? If he goes I'm actually even more fucked up. Andy, Chelle, Charlie and Stephen are very strong now and I don't think I can deal with them in my own. So I'm still voting Andy, using my double vote to save Jino. This must work.


Thank you for the opportunity I'm really sorry


DAY 30Edit

Well, Jino just quit the game. Wow, nice job... I understand you feel depressed and all but quitting the game is weak in my eyes


Omg Jino left? Is he ok. Oh Jino just started getting close too


I feel really bad for Jino. He was such a good friend and ally, and I hope he's gonna be okay soon. If at the end of my journey I find out they've been mean to him in Ponderosa I'm gonna be furious.


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