The 6 Dragons Edit

The 6 Dragons was a majority alliance that was created on day 11 by Pokat123 or London. It had the numbers and would have taken Persia by storm, but failed by betrayals, blindsides, and idol play.

The alliance was made after he had talked to a majority of the contestants and decided on who to trust the most, so he then took a chance, and created a group chat named, the 6 dragons. The alliance was powerful, and consisted of some of the best contestants in Survivor: Persia including the sole survivor Ian. The alliance managed to stay together until the top 8, when the dual tribal was issued. Sadly this became the first of the many betrayals in the history of the dragons when Rocky, or JP was blindsided. The elemination was organized by London, because of an old rivalry in another org. The merge was then announced, and Evan disqualified, the 6 dragons then fell into chaos as London and Jake became bigger threats and promises broken. However Evan was unceremoniously brought back and oddly welcomed back into the 6 dragons. But he soon betrayed the dragons convincing his fellow Peri tribe members to blindside the seasons fan fave Erika. when this occurred the 6 dragons dissolved, trust was ruined, and bonds shattered, and the Peri 4 alliance morphed into the majority after Evan played his idol sending London home. The 6 dragons then completely dissolved, a once great and ready to dominate alliance, shattered and broken.

Members And Placing

  1. Pokat123 or London (6/16)
  2. HappyPie or Erika (7/16)
  3. SonOfMyRightHand or Ian (1/16)
  4. Jake R or Jake (4/16)
  5. Rocky LXIX or JP/Rocky (8/16)
  6. Pieniazek666 or Evan (3/16)