The Cape
Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Capetown
Namesake The Cape stands for The Cape of Capetown
Tribe Type Eliminated Tribe
Day Formed Day 3
Rival Tribe(s) ██ Udoti
██ Ivuba
██ Izinyosi
Tribe Status disbanned day 19
Challenge Wins  
Lowest Placing Member  Séamus (18th)
Highest Placing Member Eva (?)

The Cape is a location in Survivor Capetown. Every eliminated person will go to The Cape. Here they will have a chance to return to the game. The Cape doesn't work like Redemption island and doesn't have duels that eliminate anyone. Instead there's challenges where you can win points to have a better shot at returning and nobody will go home till someone returns to the game.





1. Eva 25 points
2. Ashantie 18 points
3. Séamus 17 points
4. Sandra 13 points
Nathan 13 points
6. Loren 4 points
7. HLC 3 points
8. Tadd 1 point
9. Joshua 0 points



  • The Cape featured the first challenge with just one person playing against a host
  • The Cape is special in a way that nobody will leave the game till the merge and will at least play half the game, even if you are the first boot.

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