DAY 35Edit

I'm definitely not looking forward to the wrath of Luna...i just feel like if i didnt make this move i got home at 5 definitely


Oh my god ! I'm so shocked ! But now, I'm discovered by Lundi as a flipper. And now, I'm not sure that I'll go on final.


I DID IT AGAIN. HOW AM I DOING THIS. OMG if i can do it until the end I have a guaranteed win !!!!!! I'm ecstatic. WOOHOO.


Bradley is gonna be so pissed if he goes home this tribal. The suspense is killin me


So,My plan worked to its fullest extent. I got Luna out, finally, people have some common sense. Woo hoo. Now I lost the idol, I need to win this immunity and get to final 5


DAY 36Edit

Imagine if i keep going on for ages and i made a mistake


For my game, it's better to vote out Stephen. If Stephen goes home, I'll work with Chelle and Alissa to go on Final Three.


god i might be crazy enough to do this all night


DAY 37Edit

going to strangle myself



10$ says the bastard is trying to give romain

an idol


I have a feeling in my stomach that is me going out this tribal . Why would Dusk be so happy to get rid of another Ugla, at least he's not playing by tribe lines anymore but smart of getting rid of threats if Stephen gets voted out . However it would be smart to get rid of me if they've realised what my strategy is during the second part of the merge. There's a reason why I've slowed down my competitive nature in the challenges


these people should be SHOOK

13 damn hours THATS HOW BAD I WANT BRADLEY OUT since like its not possible for them to beat me


i literally checked for all of them OMFG

I did this for 6 hours more im going to KMS



ok if they notice i will kms wait if Chelle says shes abstaining


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