Day 1Edit

Hell yeah I'm back baby for the final season. Now already see Lucas is on my tribe and last time he voted me out. Well gonna talk to Tunga nd ik he say yes to a alliance. Maybe add Sam and Lucas in it and we get rid of Jake R. when we lose. Yeah so already know we gonna lose cause of Jake R. like WOW 500 really Jake are you even trying right now? Wanna stay then pick up your ass bitch. Welp about to submit can't beat my score. So yeah Sam is way to good at this challenge. he be really good in future indie games challenges. See you guys soon in next confessional. wink emoticon


My tribe is not bad, not great either. MickTesso I had blocked because he was annoying as fuck, Jessie I'm not even friends with, and Ngyuen and me like never talked. The only person I had some decent connection with was Sam from an ORG that got cancelled, so I immediatly went to him, and tried to bond with him. I asked him for an alliance pointing out we got along in that other ORG, and he sees the message, doesn't respond for a few minutes, which could be paranoia, but it doesn't necesarily make me feel secure. me and Tung are bonding, he's not a bad guy. So, right now, it's just relaxing and bonding


I'm guessing Tom will align with me because if he doesn't, I'll be petty and target him in Generations

–Tyler R.

Also (no shade to the hosts), this cast looks problematic. Miguel will do the usual shit, Lindsay could potentially do the most, Eddie will chill, Tyler B won't talk (as usual) & Ian (girl bye who is that) Jessie is crazy, Lucas is a sarcastic asshole (but a good ally), Tung, Sam and Jake are bae tho heart emoticon, Gloria girl bye who is that, Shannon (UM WEREN'T YOU ON THE FLOP SEASON!?!?!?!?), Nathaniel and Tom (slay a bit). Jack is bae, Will is bae, Danny is bae, Martynas and Evan UMMMM LMMFAO. WHAT KIND OF FLOP TEAS IS SITAWAKA TRIBE SERVING WHEW.Because UM WHO THE FUCK IS EVAN. DIDN'T HE LOSE TO IAN AND CAMERON?I FEEL TRIED.

–Tyler R.

So hopefully, this new twist has an extra twist cause Lindsay and myself are trying to really think ahead. It would be weird to vote out 4 players on day 1 in an All-star season so we expect something else coming up. Big risks bring big rewards... hopefully we are right.


Day 2Edit

O sheeeet so like Sam has to pick some to be on the new tribe we are predicting about and hoping he picks Tung cause he seems little inactive.


As far as loyalty and allies go, i love my tribe. As far as challenges, not so much. I should be able to control who goes home, but i dont want to make that decision.


on social butterfly status. I'm really leaning towards a Tung partnership. Lucas and Sam revealed there scores last night, and even though I revealed a previous 500, they are still over me. I'm trying to talk to Tung and swing him my way by pulling the old "they have advantages in this game" trick. I don't think he's SUPER loyal but I don't think he's going to betray me early in a tribe of 5. I know I'm not going to win reward, but then again, now I have a reason to have a target off my back, I mean, there's no reason to target me after 8 months of no playing, I'm no threat. And I want them to think that.

– Jake

after talking with Tung, I offered an alliance duo with him. I told him in an honest way that I trust him the most, and I really mean it, I mean Sam I offered something with but he never responded and CLEARLY SAW the message, so what other option do I have? I used the honesty method and sounded very approachable, pointing out that Lucas and Sam will have advantages, so it makes sense to ally. I hate to do it this early but in a tribe of 5, you've gotta pick up the pace by a lot. Hopefully we just win though, which I think we can


also, other people I could see myself allying with are Ian, who I allied with in Persia, Gloria who I can easily just play the grandmother thing on her and act like that, Tyler who's always been a good friend and allies in ORGs before, Evan because he's easily manipulated lol, and Martynas because we know each other. But I can't make anything now anyway since I don't want to be making cross tribal alliances on Day 1


Seriously? Sam now gets to just vote one person out, but I don't think that's how this is really going to work. A quad elim on Day 1, c'mon? I really feel like the 4 chosen people are gonna make a new tribe, as 2nd place apparently earned there spot in the tribe. Personally, I really don't like these odds, Sam and Lucas are both immune, my only two non allies on the tribe. Jessie offered me an alliance and we've been catching up, which is good since I didn't want to outright ask for alliance with him since I have Tung, but him asking me; whole different story. Sam voted me, doesn't surprise me. However, I like this tribe even more! Me and Tyler are good friends and well me and Miguel are friends and we've allied before. Evan I could easily get along with, we're both from Persia and I do feel like that since me and him have Aspergers, I can really easily tell how we'll go based on his language. Miguel and Tyler are maybe possibly allies, I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm also not certain. But this tribe is even stronger, and I feel actually a lot better. It's really a blessing in disguise (that should be ep 1 title)


First thoughts- damn, this cast. I don't really know what y'all used to constitute all-star, but I see a list of people that mostly fucking hate me. So thanks for that. I'll break it down, person by person.

JAFFNA Jessie- REALLY? REALLY REALLY? Jessie fucking hated me both times we played because alliances I was part of screwed him over/blindsided him, and it ALL got taken out on me because I'm the mouthy bitchy one. I'm not looking forward to playing with him again. At all. Lucas- I've never actually played with Lucas, but I've talked to him. He's nice enough, but I don't think he'll wanna work with me if his tribe hates me. Tung- NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. I'M P. MUCH THE REASON HE GOT VOTED OUT LIKE 3 TIMES IN JAPAN. UGH. WHY. Sam- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sam hosted my season on Koror AND was a juror in Japan, and literally I'd say serious things like "Sam, you're a fucking tool, I hate you." And he'd think I was serious. Like, he doesn't think I legitimately hate him. And I kinda do. It's hilarious. Jake R- who the fuck is Jake R? Is that Riederich? Is he relevant anymore? IDK, I've been gone a while. KANDY Glo- Glo and I just played in a Proboards game together. She's hilarious and I don't think anyone took her seriously. Yet she made Final 6 and I got 18th. So idk. Underrated threat? Sure. Maybe. Shannon- ALSO hates me. Yet voted for me and made my win in Koror unanimous? I don't really get her. And I just don't like her much. Tyler R- LOVE OF MY LIFE. WHY CAN'T HE AND I BE TOGETHER. UGH. HOSTS. fuck y'all. Nathaniel- I liked playing with him in CV! He's a sweetheart. I hoep he doesn't harbor any grudges from his voteout. I legit liked him. Tom- FINALLY, I get to play with Tom! I like how he plays and I've always wanted to play with him. We'll see how it goes, especially since Tyler's playing too. SITAWAKA Will- I'm pretty sure I'm the one that cast him, and IDEK him. LMAO. But I know he was shady, from what Mantis told me. So I'm gonna be wary. Martynas- He's a winner. I don't trust winners I don't already know, by instinct, because I bet they don't trust me. Evan- Also kinda shady, but I adored him in Bantu. We'll see how things go. Jack- I got SO excited thinking it was Jack E. Who's Jack R?! KOTTE Overall, I'm glad I ended up where I did. I know everyone/almost everyone here. It's a weird mix, though. Miguel- The only person I didn't outright know well going in, but I know he's loyal if you get to him early. So I tried that. Hopefully it works. Ian- LOVE. He's such a sweetheart, and we winners do have to stick together. (I knew him before he was a winner, so I trust him). Tyler B- The last game I was in with Tyler B, we voted him out (it was alias, I didn't know it was him) because he only talked to 2 out of 20 people. Like, that's not adequate, and he thought it was. He might be a first boot. Which sucks, because Tom's here. Ugh. Eddie- Eddie and I have a very spotted history. He's said and done a LOT of things I disagree with, and I know people either love him or hate him, mostly hate. Which is why I'm wary of the fact that he immediately approached me assuming we'd work together. I said yes, but IDK if I can afford to keep it. He's someone people dislike, so I'm letting him shield me as long as he can. Okay, that's my cast assessment. Thoughts on this first reward/twist/bullshit next.


We're in first, and I intend to keep it that way. I'm not known for being a big challenge guy, but I think I'll make my point to not underestimate me after this challenge


We're probably gonna lose, which sucks because we had such a great lead. So now, I'm a little worried, I've got to talk to Tyler and Miguel about Evan going. I feel it's to big of a risk to get them after each other now, but I do feel like it's not impossible. But even if I voted with Evan and made it 2-2, there's no way Evan can beat either one of them. So, the best thing to do is go with it for now. If I flip, I'm guarenteed next out. At least if I stick by I'll have a better chance. Not saying I don't make moves, but the first TC is not the time to do so


Okay, so now there's more competition, because we've got a fifth tribe now. Oh, and we gotta build a snowman. I wish I could literally do that right now.


Day 3Edit

So the game has begun, and I actually have quite a nice tribe! Me and Lucas hit it off straight away, so j hope that will last as a solid alliance, but you never know really. Since I won that challenge, I need to choose someone to vote off from my tribe, but they are almost defiantly going to be sent on a new tribe I believe, or something else, but either way, they're not going anywhere so I need to make a strategic decision here.


Talked with Miguel and Tyler, and we're gonna vote out Evan. He's the one who screwed up the challenge. We also made a tight triple alliance, so I feel good in my position, I just hope to win the next challenges. Just like in Persia, I can never win :c-


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