Day 1Edit

First off, I'm very surprised that I got cast into a season with my brother Tyler. This could be good or bad for us. We both know we have someone that we can trust 100%...I think, haha. We are very competitive towards each other, so it wouldn't be surprising for one of us to turn on the other so the other last longer, haha. But if people find out, and some already have, that could put a target on our backs...


Wow, just so crazy cast. It takes out half of joy from the game then I have played before with like 5 from 19 others. (Erica and Shannon in Greece in the main org), Tom and Nikola in Mongolia in the 703 org, and with Adam in Survivor: solitary, which was my first season, but just on facebook... Fortunately, I never been in one tribe with Tom or Adam, but still, previous connections is not so great... on the other hand, I have talked with three people on day 0, and they all get on the same tribe I am jealous for them for being in such great company... My tribe doesn't look too active, talked with all of them, and really like just the returnee (sorry, forgot the name, and can't check right now if you post this confessional, maybe you can edit it by adding his name? :D). Andrei convinced me to not try in the challenge, as idol clue would just put the target on us... Shortest chat was with Adam, as he even didn't remembered me from Solitary and didn't wanted to start any bigger talk also, why is everybody chatting in that big chat? Aren't we supposed to be in different camps? I mean I would really like to talk with people I made an alliance in the day 0, but we are keeping chat quiet and will rebuild it if we get on the same camp one day...


My and Martynas hit it off pretty quickly, but unfortunately we ended up on different tribes and no longer have contact. He mentioned wanting to work with me before I exited Mongolia. It seems we may have an alliance forming between us and my bro. He also recommended Nikola and luckily Nikola landed on a tribe with me and my brother. We talked to her and she agreed to aligned with me and my bro. That means the one returning player on our tribe, Perry, is likely the first to go.

– Tom

wait, are we really allowed to talk with people from different tribes? How so? Aren't we in different camps? Or the camps is near each other and we meet each other while collecting firewood?


Day 2Edit

Been talking to Nikola here and there. She seems pretty nice. Found out she's from Germany and is in a family where there's two old boys and one sister who's the youngest just like in my family.Made a sorta fake alliance with Perry as well. I say sorta because it's fake if we go to tribal, haha. He's the target vote. But if we don't see tribe and advance in the game together, then I'm definitely going to use him as an extra vote. Obviously he's talking around to other people. Nikola told me he approached her and Tyler said they talked briefly. Perry has some decent ORG experience, so I'm not underestimating him, but if I can, I will make him rely on me and need my support.


Tung been Top 2 in both challenges...gonna take the heat off me a bit as a challenge threat if we both make merge. I like it.


Idol guesses are killing me. Ive tried going in order off youngest structure to oldest, global position from west to east, order of the most popular tour through Rome. All of which start with St. peters basilica oddly enough. Wracking my brain for other patterns!!

Day 3Edit

Still 3. C'mon, another draw? It's so slow start that I even had forgotten about this season for few days... Can't you just eliminate both of them and move on? C'mon, I've played in Survivor:Mongolia and at this point, were we almost at the merge, instead of day 3....


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