Contestant Profile

Tribe(s) Gandhi
► Teresa
Placement 5/16
Alliances TBA
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 34

Contestant Profile

Survivor: London

Tribe(s) Sherlock
► Agatha
Placement 6/20
Alliances TBA
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 35

Contestant Profile

Survivor: Iceland

Tribe(s) Ugla
► Lundi
Placement 7/19
Alliances TBA
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 34

Statistics of XTearDrops
Seasons competed 3
Total number of days 103
Challenge Wins
Total 18
Tribal Council
Total votes received 11

xTearDrops aka Luna or known as Ella in the ORG community is a contestant on Survivor: Iceland, Survivor: London and Survivor: India.

Known as a hardworking player, getting her way to the merge in Iceland easily without being viewed as a target. Her more aggressive gameplay during the merge did make her a target though, only getting voted out with a idol in her pocket.

In London, she played again very hard since the start making alliances with several people and making big moves pre-merge. At the merge she found herself on the bottom alongside her allies Malik and Alex. However, she stayed alive by winning challenges, making new allies and playing her immunity idol, idoling out Charlie. Her big All-Star game caused her to be voted out the round after.

In India, she went by the name Maribelle and found herself on the deciding spot in tribe where she had a hand in the vote every round. At the merge she once again found herself on the bottom but worked her magic into getting majority. She won challenges, kept herself out of the dangerzone and worked with new people. She started a tight alliance with Wendy, playing a big game but only getting voted out after each other.

Despite coming out clean about her real name, she's the only person in Malakal-history to never play by her own name. She also holds the record for playing the most days as a female.


Name(Age): Ella (17)
Tribe Designation: Ugla
Current Residence: Netherlands
Personal Claim To Fame: winning eden mongolia.
Inspiration in Life: do what you wanna do, dont be afraid of what you want to do.
Hobbies: hanging with friends, being drunk.
Pet Peeves: too much to talk about
3 Words To Describe You: loud, fun, competitive.
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why?: my dog, a personal mc donalds for me and me only and um idk, my phone.
Survivor Contestant you are Most Like: i'm myself bitchesssss
Reason for being on Survivor: girls wanna have fun
Why do you think will be Sole Survivor: you can tell me babe

Survivor: IcelandEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Luna's Voting History
Episode Luna's
Voted Against
1 James -
2 Sean -
3 Gregory -
4 Lundi Tribe Immune
5 Lundi Tribe Immune
6 Lundi Tribe Immune
7 Lundi Tribe Immune
8 Vanne -
9 Aren -
Aren -
10 Alex L. Dark Pearl1
11 Nairn; Nairn -
12 Bradley Alissa, Bradley, Chelle,
Dusk, Stephen
Voted Out, Day 34
Voted for
Sole Survivor

1: At the auction, Luna bought a dark pearl. This would mean she got a vote against her the first tribal council she attend.

Survivor: LondonEdit

Why did you come back? it was such a relieve to just play as a different person. it felt fresh and kinda roleplaying.
What have you been doing inbetween the seasons? not much, dealing with life.
What was your mistake last time? being too loud and honest.
What's your favourite colour? purple.

Voting HistoryEdit

Luna's Voting History
Episode Luna's
Voted Against
1 Sherlock Tribe Immune
2 Sherlock Tribe Immune
3 Kyle -
4 Pete -
5 Eva -
6 Agatha Tribe Immune
7 Andy; Andy -
8 Alex T -
9 Chelle Individual Immunity
10 No Vote Individual Immunity
11 Charlie Andy, Chelle,
Charlie, Stephen
12 Chelle Chelle, Andy, Stephen
Voted Out, Day 35
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: IndiaEdit

Why did you come back? I felt like my jourtney couldn't just be over after London. I had a blast while playing but I wanted a fair shot as myself to play and not as a alternate personality (THO I STILL HAVE TO PLAY AS ONE BC OF THE TWIST)
What have you been doing inbetween the seasons? A lot! Mostly playing/hosting orgs but also worked on myself irl.
What was your mistake last time? I had no mistakes last season for my feeling. I played hard, I did what I had to do and for my feeling I couldn't have played better there.
What's your favourite colour? PURPLE <33

Voting HistoryEdit

Luna's Voting History
Episode Luna's
Voted Against
1 Fer -
2 Enoch -
3 Chloe -
4 Gabriella -
5 Kelsey -
6 Teresa Tribe Immune
7 Wilfred TBA, TBA, Wilfred
8 Individual Immunity
9 Individual Immunity
10 Individual Immunity
11 Dank Girl Dank Girl, Jade
Voted Out, Day 34
Voted for
Sole Survivor

After SurvivorEdit

Ella came clean about being Luna Kipes in the Malakal ORG seasons Iceland and London because of wanna play as a new person and not having any reputations of grudges against her from other players. She learnt from her mistake and decided to leave the community as Luna, hoping to make her comeback as Ella in the future.


  • Luna's real name is Ella.
  • She's the sister of Capetown winner Amber.
  • Both times she played she got idoled out.
  • She has been in six different tribes while playing twice. Two of them were the color red.
  • The tribes she was in, in Iceland, matches the flag color of her own country.
  • She's the first female to play 100 days on Malakal ORG.
  • She is the first person to play three times by a alternate identity.

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